TipTop Rifle Bipods

Why TipTop® Rifle Bipods are Special

TipTop® bipod products have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard in the industry. The legs are sturdy. The construction is rugged. The finish is sleek and resistant. All fasteners and materials are durable and built to last. All of these contribute to a lightweight top-grade rifle bipod that is superior to other brands.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is conducted during product design to uncover any weak links of a new product. This is a comprehensive stress testing method used for improving product reliability. The product is subjected to stresses far in excess of what is expected during normal use. The stress levels are increased until a component experiences actual failure. Once failure occurs, the product is disassembled and the failed part is analyzed to identify the point of weakness. Once our analysis is complete, the failed part is re-engineered to improve the overall design quality of the product. Iterative HALT methodically uncovers the weakest points in our products, allowing the engineering team to improve the rifle bipod until it reaches its maximum potential. By using this method, we ensure the overall quality and ruggedness of the product is maximized before committing to the final design.
TipTop® rifle bipods have been subjected to HALT. This exhaustive effort has led TipTop® rifle bipods to attain some of the most incredible durability, ruggedness, and quality in the industry.

TipTop® rifle bipods have internal springs to control extension and retraction of the bipod legs. Weak springs suffer from poor retraction and rattling legs (leading to noisiness and a sense of instability). Springs that are too strong retract the legs so fast that excess noise is caused by the impact of the retracting legs and unwanted vibrations from the external springs. We have put a lot of attention in these matters while designing the spring strength and retraction rate. With extensive testing and care, our engineers designed a spring that is just right.

TipTop® rifle bipods have an extremely rugged finish. The finish is anti-reflective. This is a valuable feature for hunters, as any light reflection can alert wary game at critical times. Anti-reflective coating is also a desirable characteristic to users of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), as most AR-15/AR-10 based rifles are manufactured with anti-reflective finishes.

Safety Warnings


  1. Always follow safe firearms handling practices. Failure may result in damage, personal injury, or death.
  2. Make sure that the firearm is not loaded when installing, adjusting, or removing the Bipod.
  3. Do not reach in front of the firearm muzzle to adjust the Bipod.
  4. Be careful when deploying and retracting Bipod legs so that you do not pinch your  fingers.
  5. Do not pull back on the firearm when supported on the Bipod. Pulling back on the firearm may cause the Bipod legs to retract, resulting in the firearm dropping suddenly.
  6. Make sure that the legs are at least 1 inch behind the muzzle when the Bipod is installed and in the retracted position.
  7. Do not use the Bipod in or on a motorized vehicle.
  8. Peleton Technology LLC is not liable for damage, injury or death due to carelessness, misuse, improper installation, or modification.

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