Our new product: 7-10.5″ Tactical EZLevel(Pivot) & Pan Bipod is In Stock!

A great news to our dear customers!

Our new length- 7-10.5″ TipTop® Tactical Bipod with leveling(pivoting) and panning features is in stock now! Don’t forget to use our 2015 new coupon code(vtpt_2015) before you checkout the shopping cart!!

Product page: Series-IX EZ Level (Pivot) & PAN* Picatinny Bipod

TipTop® Bipod Pivot (Level) and Pan Features Presentation

What do the pivot/level features in our rifle bipods do? What about the pan feature? Do the bipods rotate?

Here are two demo videos to show you the effects and differences between the pivot(level) and pan features.

All the TipTop® Series-5 Rifle Bipods and partial Series-9 Tactical Bipods(#94671 and #94672) only include the pivot(level) feature.
The Pivot(Level) feature allows you to adjust your rifle to compensate for uneven terrain when aiming at your target.
Here’s the video:

All the TipTop® Series-7 Rifle Bipods and some of the Series-9 Tactical Bipods(#94673, #94674, and #94676) have both pivot(level) and pan features.
The Pivot(Level) feature allows you to adjust your rifle to compensate for uneven terrain when aiming at your target.
The Pan feature allows you to rotate the firearm horizontally, giving your weapon the ability to “scan” the field.
Here’s the video:


More 9-13″ Tactical EZLevel(Pivot) & Pan Rifle Bipod (PN# 94673) in stock now!

To response to our customer demands, we have built more of our series-9 9”-13 Picatinny rail bipod. This bipod has the EZ level (pivot) and EZ Pan feature; you can pivot to 38 degree and Panning to 74 degrees. It can mount directly to the Picatinny rail without extra parts. This is a compact, flexible and light bipod with versatility features.

If you are interested in this product, please visit our product page at https://peletontechnology.com/product/series-ix-picatinny-bipod/.


Introducing the TipTop® Series-7 Bipod Line

Today we’re introducing our Series-7 EZ Level(Tilt) and Pan(Rotate) bipods.

Series-7 bipods have three different length choices: 6-9″, 9-13″, and 13.5″-23. Different lengths fit different purposes(read this to see how to choose the correct TipTop® Bipod length for your needs).
The Series-7 bipods have both Level(tilt) and Pan(rotate) functions, compared to the Series-5 which only has the Level(tilt) function.
The following video introduces the Series-7 bipods and shows you how to install them:

Tutorial Video Series

If you’re new to shooting, or maybe just new to bipods, we are starting a video series explaining the basics! Our bipod basics series will cover a variety of topics to ensure that you end up with the best bipod for you. Whether that is our basic Series III to our fully featured Series VII and IX, we will walk you through the selection process step-by-step. We will also be covering some of the fundamentals on using your bipod.

These videos will be trickling out over the next several weeks, so be sure to check back with us for the newest updates.

Our first video, How to Choose a TipTop® Bipod Length, has posted in our Support area. Check it out here.

TipTop® 94671 with Rocky Mountains

Here are some beautiful TipTop® Bipods pictures with beautiful scenery in Rocky Mountains.

Demo model: TipTop® EZ Level, Quicklok 9-13″ Bipod
MPN: 94671


-Photoed by Sean Shanahan