TipTop® Bipod is Rated 1st in 10 best bipods of 2017 !

In 2016, the TipTop sling stud mount bipod was rated as #1 in the hunting product review. Moving forward to 2017, our TipTop Picatinny rail mount, Pivot & Pan Quiclok bipod is placed in the 1st place again. Here is the link:


Thank you for all the end users who trusted our products and provided the feedback.  Your encouragement is the best reward for us. It motivates us to continue improving our products in this sport and hunting field. Thank you for all your supports!


TipTop Bipod Tips & Tricks –Close it, then Tune it!

Many people love our Picatinny rail bipods, either the Series-9 Telescope legs Pivot & Pan or the Series-9N Notched legs Pivot & Pan Version. If your rifle has a standard 1913 Picatinny rail, this type of TipTop bipods offer an Easy-on and Easy-off deployment. No adapter or tools are needed.  But…What if I have a Picatinny rail that the width has a minor deviation from the standard size?  No problem, here are the steps for performing the proper adjustment:

  1. Close the “Quicklok™ Lever” and turn the “Fine Tuning Screw” to adjust the slot to a proper width until it fits perfectl.
  2. Check your adjustment by opening the “Quicklok™ Lever”, then close it again, it should fit onto your rail now. You only need to do it once. You should be able to close and open it without any force.

What if I forgot to Close the Quicklok™ Lever” when tuning the fine turning screw? Well, you may run into the case that you can’t close the Quicklok™ Lever” easily. If this happens, don’t panic and DO NOT force the Quicklok™ Lever down. All you need to do is to loosen up the fine tuning screw a little bit (the slot will get wider). Now, you can close it.  Then, follow the steps above for fine tuning. To recap, all you need to do is “Close it, then Tune it”.  It’s that simple!

Note:  This bipod will not fit the Weaver rail or if your Picatinny rail deviates from the standard 1913 specification.

PicatinnyRail-Tuning1 PicatinnyRail-Tuning2

TipTop Bipod Tips & Tricks – Pivot & Pan Tension Lever

Want to reposition the Tension Lever for your TipTop bipod? Yes, you can do that! All TipTop bipods that have Pivot or Pivot & Pan features, locking and unlocking are controlled by the “Tension Lever” (shown in the picture). If you want to move the “Tension lever” to a different location or if you want to give another turn to tighten the Pivot or Pan functions, you can pull out the “Tension Lever” and rotate it to the desired position then let it snap back in place.  It’s that simple.

Pvit & Pan with Rifle Bipod

United States Patent


We are proud to let our valued customers know that Peleton Technology has received the application for new and useful invention!

We have received the award on May 10 of 2016. This is a huge and important deal for us and we thank all our wonderful customers who have supported our bipods and helped our business grow to become something more. Below is the cover page of our United State Patent, for anyone who would like to take a look for themselves.

The patent will grant our company the title to this particular patent and the right to exclude others from making, using, offering sale, or selling the invention throughout the U.S. or importing the invention through the United States.

Thanks again for the support! Please come check out our bipods and do not forget to use our coupon code in the deal and promotion!

Cover Page

TipTop® Bipod Pivot (Level) and Pan Features Presentation

What do the pivot/level features in our rifle bipods do? What about the pan feature? Do the bipods rotate?

Here are two demo videos to show you the effects and differences between the pivot(level) and pan features.

All the TipTop® Series-5 Rifle Bipods and partial Series-9 Tactical Bipods(#94671 and #94672) only include the pivot(level) feature.
The Pivot(Level) feature allows you to adjust your rifle to compensate for uneven terrain when aiming at your target.
Here’s the video:

All the TipTop® Series-7 Rifle Bipods and some of the Series-9 Tactical Bipods(#94673, #94674, and #94676) have both pivot(level) and pan features.
The Pivot(Level) feature allows you to adjust your rifle to compensate for uneven terrain when aiming at your target.
The Pan feature allows you to rotate the firearm horizontally, giving your weapon the ability to “scan” the field.
Here’s the video:


Introducing the TipTop® Series-7 Bipod Line

Today we’re introducing our Series-7 EZ Level(Tilt) and Pan(Rotate) bipods.

Series-7 bipods have three different length choices: 6-9″, 9-13″, and 13.5″-23. Different lengths fit different purposes(read this to see how to choose the correct TipTop® Bipod length for your needs).
The Series-7 bipods have both Level(tilt) and Pan(rotate) functions, compared to the Series-5 which only has the Level(tilt) function.
The following video introduces the Series-7 bipods and shows you how to install them:

How to Use Your Bipod Video

In our last video, I discussed how to choose the appropriate bipod length. The new video covers how to use your bipod. I talk about how to adjust leg length and how to load the bipod prior to shooting. Check it out here. The content of this video applies to all TipTop® bipods. I will be covering specific features of each model in the coming weeks.

Some things to look forward to:
Series V Highlight: Why do I need leveling and how do I use it?
Series VII Highlight: What is panning for and do I need it?
Series IX Highlight: Installing your TipTop® bipod onto a Picatinny Rail.

In the next video, you’ll find out how to use a sling in conjunction with your TipTop® bipod.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shooting!

TipTop® 94671 with Rocky Mountains

Here are some beautiful TipTop® Bipods pictures with beautiful scenery in Rocky Mountains.

Demo model: TipTop® EZ Level, Quicklok 9-13″ Bipod
MPN: 94671


-Photoed by Sean Shanahan