United States Patent


We are proud to let our valued customers know that Peleton Technology has received the application for new and useful invention!

We have received the award on May 10 of 2016. This is a huge and important deal for us and we thank all our wonderful customers who have supported our bipods and helped our business grow to become something more. Below is the cover page of our United State Patent, for anyone who would like to take a look for themselves.

The patent will grant our company the title to this particular patent and the right to exclude others from making, using, offering sale, or selling the invention throughout the U.S. or importing the invention through the United States.

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Cover Page

Best Ranking Bipods of 2016


We would like to thank all our wonderful customers for supporting us by buying our bipods and helping our business thrive and grow to become something big! We have been ranked one of the industry best bipods for our products and for the great reviews we received on the following bipods:

The Series-III EZ rifle bipod for 6-9″ and 13.5-23″ and for our Series-IX EZ Pivot (Level) & Pan Picatinny 7-10.5″.

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Thanks again to our huge supporters. We could have not done this without your help and passion for a small business like us!

Here is a link for you to read the “Best Bipod Review”

Top 9 Best Rifle Bipod Reviews: Definitive Guide For 2016




Best Bipod for Hunting Review for 2016!


Thank you everyone for writing good reviews about our bipods. We have made it to being one of the best bipods for this year of 2016! We would like to thank everyone who purchased our products and who took the time to give us excellent reviews. Below we have attached the link of the website who gave us this opportunity. Thank you guys again for the amazing reviews. If you would like to purchase our products don’t forget to use the new code for 2016, the code is pt2016.  We couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for everyone supporting us!!



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We want to see how you use our bipod! We’re looking to expand our gallery, and nothing is better than seeing our bipod out in the real world! We’ve had some of you send amazing photos our way, we loved it. In fact, we can’t get enough of it! If you want to add any of your pictures to our gallery, feel free to send them to info@peletontek.com. Absolutely none of your personal information will be made public.