Need a tactical bipod that pivots side to side? Check out our Series-V Rifle Bipod.
Want a bipod that pivots side to side and rotates left and right? Check out our popular Series-VII Rifle Bipod.
Need a bipod that connects to a picatinny rail? Check out our Series-IX Rifle Bipod.
If none of those features sound interesting, our Series-III Rifle Bipod will be perfect for you.

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TipTop® Rifle Bipod Features Comparison

Features Series-III Series-V Series-VII Series-IX
Adjustable Telescope Legs
Anodized Matte Finish
EZ Grip Rubber Feet
Quick Attach and Detach Swivel Stud Clamp* NA
EZ Level™  
EZ Pan™     ✔**
Tactical Quick Lok™      

*   Patent Pending features

** EZ Pan™ Feature only supported by select Series-IX models

EZ Level™ – EZ Level technology allows the user to pivot their bipod up to 38 degrees to compensate for uneven terrain.

EZ Pan™ – EZ Pan technology allows the user to horizontally pan their bipod up to 74 degrees  (only for SKU: 94673, 94674 and 94676)